Thursday, July 17, 2008

Too difficult for a girl....

It was a bright and sunny morning. Doc and I were sitting around doing our work when BRT appeared. BRT calls us every day to see if his movies have come in. Mind you, we have a system that calls patrons once books have been checked in for them and he can check online to see if they have been received at the library. This particular day he shows up with nothing specific to do so he decides to wait for our driver to bring his beloved items.

While waiting he showed us his Blackberry and told us how wonderful it was for sending text messages and how much better texting is than talking on the phone in case you get into an arguement. The following conversation then follows...

BRT - You should get one of these.

Doc & me (not very interested) - Oh, yeah, maybe....

BRT - It might be too complicated for you.

Doc and I exchange glances and start to laugh.

Us - Yep. That's it. It's probably too hard for us.

BRT - It comes with a book. I figured it out in about 10 minutes.

Us - Well, we probably aren't that smart.

In a previous discussion we heard one of his friends tell him that he was so smart. And he probably really is. Maybe smarter than the rest of us. Who knows....I'm just a girl.

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Lost in Translation

Today I had a patron who wanted to type something in MS Words. When she asked what our computers used I informed her that they have Word on them.

Her: "Is that Words?"

Me: It's Word.

Her: "Is that what I need?" (shows me the paper where she has written MS Words)

Me: "I'm not sure. It will probably work if you save it as a rich text file (.rtf)."

Her: "Would I have it on my computer at home?"

Me: "I'm not sure. Works is pretty basic and would probably work."

Her: "But you don't have Words?"

Friday, January 18, 2008

Lowdown Dirty Dog Theif

A mouse has been stolen from our computer. What kind of person steals a computer mouse???? A mean one, that's who. We are now down to three computers for public use.

On another note, we just had a man come in to see if we had any computers available for use. No, they were all in use. He just decided he'd go to library X because they have more computers anyway. Duh, of course they do. Library X is part of a very large system and is one of the larger libraries in that system. They have a lot more money to spend on computers. I wonder sometimes if people think they are insulting us by telling us about how other libraries have more stuff.

We know. Remember, we's the ghetto library.

Monday, December 3, 2007

Thy Perfume Offendeth

I am overwhelmed by the fragrance of a loud and obnoxious perfume at the moment. We can't seem to get a balance between those who will not bathe and decide to stink so the rest of us will know they are conserving water and those who feel that cologne is a good mask and replaces a bath.

I don't like strong scents anyway. I'm a soap and water kind of girl who just wants to smell clean. Here is my thought for the day.......


Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Does your computer have....?

The following story took place yesterday in my library. Picture it...the three o'clock rush has just begun and the third child (7th grade) has come in to use the computer. Her teacher has given her an assignment to report on the California Wildfires. Of course the child does not have a library card and needs me to log her onto the computer.

Her: I need some stuff about them fires.

Me: In California?

Her: Yeah, does your computers have the internet?

Me: Yes.

Her: Where do I find the fire stuff?

Me: I'd just go to Yahoo! News, or

Her: How do you spell CNN?

Me: Um, C-N-N

Her: cmn

Me: No, C-N-N.

Her: cmm

Me: No, C-N as in Nickel.

Her: Oh, cnm.

Me: No. C-Nickel-Nickel

Her: cnn

Me: Yes, now type .com

Her: .om

Me: No.... .com

Her: .moc

Me: .com It has to go in that order.

Her: Oh, my nails get in the way of typing. (she gets to the correct site) There's a picture I need.

Me: That's not in California. That's a beach house fire in one of the Carolinas.

Her: That's okay I can use it.

Okay, so now I'm sitting at my desk telling the kids who are waiting for the computer that they must wait when I see her leaving and ask if she is finished.

Her: No, I've got to go get a drink (not allowed in the library) from the store. I'll just come back and use it.

Me: You have to sign back up and wait your turn.

Her: Okay.

She brings her drink back in the library. I run her out of the library. Every time a computer comes open she wants to get on and I repeat that she must wait her turn. Finally the moment comes and I have to log her back on. She is heartbroken to learn that she only has 12 minutes left on the computer because our computers are shut down from our main library. I'm now logging other children on the computer.

Her: Hey! Hey! I can't get on that page. What was it? (I'm ignoring her because I'm helping someone else.) Hey!

Me: I'll be with you when I'm finished helping this patron. Now, how may I help you?

Her: ain't working for me.

Me: CNN.COM take out the O!

Her: Oh.

I try to walk away but she calls me back.

Her: I can't get to what I was on before. We go back to where she was and she gets upset because she can't find anything she needs. I point out to her links to a bunch of stories and her reply is, "But what do I print?"

Me: Whatever you need but you have to pay for anything you print.

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

I can't believe my mom reads that!

No, my mom would not be caught dead reading anything about thugs or gangstas. However, a woman came in the other day and requested some racy titles. When the books came in she sent her kids in to get them. The girls were both dressed in private school uniforms and looked at the books and said, "I can't believe she's reading that!" It was totally priceless. I would love to have heard the conversation that occurred when they got in the car.

Oops! The Movie Store sign fell off the building.

Preach on! I just read this article and think it is absolutely true. We get people all the time complaining because we charge $1.00 per day per DVD if they are late. They fuss because we don't have 75 copies of the newest movies. "I'm sorry...did the sign say 'Movie Renting Place' when you came in? I don't think so."